One of the first questions we ask before we can move forward with helping you is for the serial number of your device. Often this can be frustrating, since you are already having issues with it and just want to move onto the part where we fix you up.

Why is it important?
If you are coming to us because something is broken, we want to know if your device might still be covered under a warranty. If it is not under warranty we need to know if parts are still available from Apple (7 years from date of purchase) or if it is a repair that would even be worth paying for. Having a 6 year old laptop with a clicking fan is a repair that might be cost effective depending on your model verses the same laptop having a glass of grape juice (wink) spilled on it. Also some iMacs are still worth upgrading to an SSD if they shipped with a spinning drive. Your serial number lets us know what type of storage your machine shipped with.

Why do we need to know your serial if your machine isn’t broken and you just need software help?
Your serial number will let us know which model you have and what’s the newest operating system it will run. Sometimes the software issues are due to older operating systems no longer being compatible with newer software or internet security measures. Also with the change in Apple’s processors over recent years there are slight differences on compatibility with external devices and certain applications.

Doesn’t my serial number show you personal information?
No it doesn’t. We can only see repair history if the repair contained an Apple part. No names or address information. It will show if you called in for Apple phone support on the device but even that only shows a subject line and no notes. For example “Can’t connect to internet”. We can’t even see if your problem was resolved or not or who the caller was.

Can’t you just proceed without my serial?
Well we could but then there is a chance of waste your time and money. That serial number gives us so much tech information and often clues to what your problem really is and if it is even fixable. Our goal is to always steer you in the right direction. If we can do that without costing you money on something that is not fixable then we want to do that.

How do I find my serial number?
There are ways to find the serial for both running and non running devices! Apple has a great page for these instructions. Be warned you might have to take a photo of the serial with your phone so you can zoom in as some of these serials are extremely tiny!