The scene is set: you’ve invited all your friends over for a fun night of pizza and board games. Everyone is having a great time so you’ve decided the time is right to bring out that nice bottle of wine you’ve been saving. Your friend decides to switch the song playing on your new MacBook Air and casually sets down the wine glass next to the laptop. You happen to be halfway through an amazing impression of John Travolta during a heated game of charades, and just as you break out the best Saturday Night Fever dance moves anyone’s ever seen, you tip over the wine glass and watch in horror as it fills your MacBook with a ’93 chianti.

If this scenario or something like it happens to you, there are some things you should and should not do:

  1. Even if the laptop stays on after the spill, immediately turn it off. Hold down the power button for about 5 seconds and the machine will click off.
  2. DO NOT attempt to turn the computer back on until you’ve had it looked at it by a professional technician.
  3. If the liquid was spilled on the keyboard, flip the laptop upside down so the Apple logo is facing downward. If the liquid has not yet spread past the keyboard, this will hopefully keep it from affecting the logic board and other expensive components.
  4. Bring the computer to mac-fusion and have us take a look to assess the damage.
  5. We’ll let you know the best options for repair.  In some cases, the liquid may be confined to what’s known as the top case (basically the whole top side of the computer’s case, including the keyboard and the surrounding metal enclosure).
  6. In other cases, we may need to attempt to clean the liquid from inside the computer if it is touching the logic board or other sensitive components.

As with all repairs, no appointed is ever needed. The quicker you can get it into us the better the chance it can be saved.