The new MacBook is the stunning addition to Mac’s family of notebooks, which just might entice PC laptop power users to “go light” but still get the full Mac experience. In fact, the MacBook is a tad lighter at 2.03 pounds than the slightly smaller MacBook Air (2.38 pounds).

At slightly over a half-inch thick, it is also slimmer than the .68 inch MacBook Air models. In addition to its familiar silver case, the MacBook comes in gold and space gray.

The first MacBook without a fan

The thin and light MacBook case contains a cool running Intel Core M chip that draws less power and generates less heat. As the first Mac notebook without a fan, the MacBook has a logic board that sits on a heat-dispersing graphite sheet and stays cool and silent, with virtually no moving parts.

More enticements:

A dazzling display — At about half a millimeter thick, the MacBook 12-inch Retina display is the sharpest and thinnest ever.

A reimagined keyboard — Part of the aforementioned full Mac experience is the MacBook’s full-sized keyboard seated into a dramatically thinner space. Mac’s new butterfly key design means more responsive keys with less vertical space. The keys are 17 percent larger but 40 percent thinner, giving the MacBook an overall larger keyboard surface area. Look for new precision LED keyboard backlighting, too.

A trackpad with touch sense — The MacBook trackpad does more than accommodate scrolling, swiping, pinching and rotating. Its new Force Touch allows customizable sensitivity settings. Based on subtle differences of pressure, it is possible to perform a variety of different actions in many applications — some with sensory feedback to the user’s fingertips.

Finally, with up to ten hours of battery life, a revolutionary single USB-C port for charging and connecting to peripherals, this compact notebook does everything its dinner-tray sized counterparts does. Add Mac’s OS X operating system and you have an unmatched partnership to get that full Mac experience. Contact us and we’ll arrange a personal demo for you.