With 2016 fast approaching, I’m sure many of us are looking down at the bathroom scale and thinking that maybe this is the year to shave off a few pounds.  November and December are two months where I just can’t deprive myself of all the wonderful pies and cured meats that are offered to me, but the harsh reality is that eating copious amounts of food and then Netflixing holiday movies is the perfect recipe for getting out of shape.

The good news is that Apple makes a device that can help you swing the weight pendulum in the other direction.  The Apple Watch is an incredible device capable of doing so much more than just telling time, and one of its best features is its fitness-tracking. Think of it like a personal trainer that’s with you at all times and doesn’t yell at you for not meeting your goals.  Like a less scary version of Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser.  Here are a few ways that the Apple Watch will help you out.

“Get up and move!”

Yes, you have heard this advice for years. Did you know that it can mean the difference between health and a hospital bill? While sitting can give you a chance to relax, it can also be dangerous for longer spans of time. The Apple Watch will make sure you stand up at least once every hour. This gets tracked with one of the three rings in the Activity app, so you can clearly see how close you are to meeting your goal.

activity rings

Now that you are on your feet, get moving! You can use your watch to track your movements through the day. The movements include basic chores, walking to the copier, and even taking the stairs instead of the elevator. These may seem like insignificant activities, but they can make a real difference in your overall health. Once I started using the Apple Watch, I definitely found myself paying more attention to my activity level and trying to move more throughout the day.

Once you are moving, make those movements count with exercise. You can either use set routines or create your own using the watch. It will help you track how long you have been working out and how much time is left.  You can select the type of workout activity (running, cycling, etc) and whether you want the goal to be based on time, calories burned, or distance traveled.  All of your workouts will be stored and easily accessible in the Activity app on your iPhone, so you can literally see yourself getting more in shape over time.

activity month view

So if “getting in shape” is one of your resolutions this year, consider using the Apple Watch as a tool to achieve your goal.  Please contact us to learn more about the health benefits of the Apple Watch. You can also stop by our store anytime and check out one of our live demo watches. As always, our expert sales team will be able to answer any questions you might have.