Most ads about the Apple Pencil assume you need to be an artist to know how to use it. While it is good for drawing, there are plenty of other things the Pencil is good for. Not everyone needs the Apple Pencil, but you’ll get a lot more out of it if you find yourself in the following situations below:

Hand notes and drafts 

No other combination of electronic devices capture the feeling of writing with paper and a pencil quite like the iPad and Apple Pencil. Though the Apple Pencil doesn’t give that edge of a pencil, it still comes close to having a reason for ditching the pen and paper. Sure you can do all this by just typing, but the Pencil allows you to circle key notes, make highlights and scribe in the margins when your using specialized apps. 

A Digital Whiteboard

If you have a TV that works with AirPlay and an iPad with an HDMI cable, then you can hook up your iPad to an external monitor to use for presentations. With Apple Pencil- Compatible apps like Notability or Microsoft OneNote, you can use your iPad as a whiteboard to make mind graphs, take notes or draw rough diagrams. This makes for a more interactive experience with coworkers, than merely just showing them already prepared slides.

Marking up PDF, Documents or Screen Shots

The Apple Pencil works well with the Apple Screenshot markup tool that’s now built on the iOS and MacOS. The markup allows you to circle, scribble and make arrows. Just as if you are scribbling on a piece of paper. 

Have a more “fun” browsing experience

This is more of a complimentary feature on top of the stuff mentioned above. If you are already using the Apple Pencil for any of the above situations, then it could be enjoying to click links, and switch between apps as opposed to using your bare fingers. 


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