Put down the brushes and your mop, and grab your computer. Follow along with these 5 easy steps to cleaning out your device. Removing the unnecessary clutter, organizing files and most importantly backing it up. Let’s get started!

  1. Clean Up Your Desktop 

Your desktop is your canvas. When you login to your computer, it is the first thing you see. With that said, there is nothing more distracting than seeing your desktop covered in random files, applications and folders. To organize, place those unwanted or unused files into a folder, or simply drag it to the trash. Better yet, you can even change your wallpaper for a fresh start!

2. Organize your documents & media

Now that you’ve cleared your desktop it’s time to dig a little deeper into your folders. Start by going into finder and organize your documents in whatever system is most suitable for you. (Ex. “Taxes”, “Resumes”, “Cover Letters”, “Creative Writing”, etc.). Similarly, with photos and videos you’ll want to create subfolders for years and events of which they were taken (Ex. “Los Angeles Trip_1/14/17). 

3. Uninstall Any Unnecessary Applications 

As time progresses, you’ve probably acquired quite a few applications that you’re no longer using.  For instance, video editing software, file converting programs, and other apps that are just taking up space. To delete, select Applications in finder, then either right click the app and click “move to trash” or simply drag the application to the trash bin. You can always download the app again later if you need it. Having too many unnecessary apps can take up space and slow down your computer. 

4. Organize Your Inbox

Now that the majority of your computer is cleaned up, its time to sort through your mail. Making archive folders about every aspect in your life is a good way to start (Ex. Work, Friends, Travel, Bills, Etc.). Move all of your read mail to the appropriate folder once you’ve read it and leave unread messages in your inbox until read. Accidently deleted a message you meant to archive? Learn how to fix it here

5. Backup Your Computer

Lastly, but certainly not least, back up everything to your hard drive. Even if you haven’t done everything we’ve suggested for spring cleaning your computer, this is the one step that should still be completed. Your computer crashing or being damaged can happen when you least expect, which is why we can’t say this enough. Back. It. Up.