Fall is traditionally the time of year when Apple releases new iPhone, iPad and new operating systems. It’s all very exciting! Every year people are hot to upgrade their devices to these new systems as they can make your older device seem like a brand new toy. I spend a good deal of my time on social media as it is my job. With that I get to hear the complaints. Some of these complaints are very much avoidable.

So the question is always “Should I upgrade?” I have a very conservative opinion on these type of things as for 12 plus years my main job at mac-fusion was being the onsite technician for businesses that run on Macs. Software troubleshooting was my bag, baby. So let’s cover some of the items you should consider before moving forward.

• Do you have a complete backup of your computer? If not, then do that first. It would also be preferable to have a clone of your machine so if things go wrong or mission critical apps don’t work you can just clone your system and data back and it’s like nothing ever happened. Trying to downgrade a system over the top of all your data that was upgraded to work with a newer operating system is disastrous.

• Is this your work computer? Is it essential to your business and livelihood? It is? Then wait. I used to wait until a .2 release to even think about upgrading a large office. Even then I had setup a dummy machine with all their applications to make sure they worked first.

• Are you easily frustrated? All new software has issues out the gates. It just can’t be avoided. If you can’t handle potential glitches then wait and let the rest of us report bugs.

• Is your machine or some of your applications older? If you are relying on software that is 2+ versions behind the current version, then don’t. If your machine is older than 4 years then wait and see what others are experiencing. With mobile devices I’m even more conservative and would say that if your iPhone is older than 2 years wait and read reports.

So for most of these I’m not saying wait 6 months, maybe just a few days or weeks. Generally the rest of us will find out what works and doesn’t work and you should have a good pool of results from your friends and professionals. Another good resource for your Mac software is Roaring Apps. I’ve turned to them every year since OS X 10.7 Lion was released.

With all this said Yosemite and iOS 8 are by far the most exciting updates ever. Apple took a leap of faith and finally let developers have access to do amazing things. Being able to go from your Mac to iPad to iPhone and back to your Mac is pretty awesome. Just be cautious and as always, BACK UP YOUR DATA!!

If you get in a jam, mac-fusion is always here to help. No appointments are ever needed to come in for service. We are open 7 days a week and are always fully staffed with techs.