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Our hours are currently Monday – Saturday, 9am to 5pm.

We are accepting walk-ins for service check-in for all devices now! Same day iPhone repair needs to be checked-in prior to 2pm.


iPhone display repair



DeviceWith AppleCare+Without AppleCare+
iPhone XS Max, 11 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max$29$349 
iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro, 12, 12 Pro, 13, 13 Pro$29$299
iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini$29$249
iPhone 11, XR$29$219
iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6S Plus$29$189
iPhone 8, 7, 6S, 6 Plus$29$169
iPhone 6, SE, 5S, 5C & 5$29$149

If you have any damage to your iPhone other than the screen, such as liquid damage, bent enclosure, damaged camera or missing home button you are NOT eligible for iPhone Screen Repair Pricing. We’ll examine your iPhone before we confirm the repair price. Most screen repairs are caused by accidental damage, which isn’t covered under the Apple warranty.

Liquid and other damage


DeviceWith  AppleCare+ Without AppleCare+
iPhone XS Max, 11 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max$99$619
iPhone XS, X, 11 Pro, 12 Pro, 13 Pro$99$569
iPhone 12, iPhone 13$99$469
iPhone 11, XR, 8 Plus, 12 mini, 13 mini$99$419
iPhone 8, 7 Plus$99$369
iPhone 7$99$339
iPhone 6S Plus, 6 Plus$99$349
iPhone 6S, 6$99$319
iPhone SE, 5S, 5C & 5$99$289
iOS software pricing
iOS quick fix (under 5 minutes)Free
iOS erase and install$19




All Macs come with a one-year, limited warranty that covers your product and Apple-branded accessories that came with the device. This does not cover accidental damage, third-party modifications, or software issues.

AppleCare+ coverage can be purchased to cover your device for a total of three years from purchase date.

Are you covered under warranty? To check your warranty status, please visit: Warranty Lookup

Mac repair
Repair TypePrice
In-warranty repair*Free
Screen or external enclosure only (with AppleCare+)$99
Other damage (with AppleCare+)$299
Out-of-warranty diagnostic fee (applied to repair labor)$99
In-store backup (see below for data recovery options)$198 (includes external drive for backup)
Hardware flat labor ratePrices vary across model and issue
Laptop hard drive laborPrices vary across model and issue
Software flat labor rate$99
Residential on-site service$149 hour ($99 per half hour if local)


* Items NOT covered under warranty include, but are not limited to: troubleshooting software corruption and conflicts, data backups and recovery, dirty, dusty, or abused machines, third-party products and related software, printers, removal of objects from optical drives and other ports, and anything Apple considers to be physical, accidental damage, abuse, etc.

Data recovery

Due to the nature of spinning hard drives, they have the potential to fail with little to no notice. This can leave your data unretrievable and sometimes corrupted. We have the ability to use industry tools to recover data that is unable to mount, or a hard drive with more advanced failures. Below is an overview of the pricing for each tier of data recovery and transfers.

Recovery TypePrice
Tier 1: drive cloning (from good drive to good drive)$99
Tier 2: hard drive will not mount/data not easily accessible*$179
Tier 3: hard drive has major malfunction/sector damage – Extensive data recovery*$400-$800
Tier 4: hard drive has catastrophic mechanical issues – Kroll Ontrack recommendedPrice Varies

*Data recovery from a bad drive requires an external hard drive. You must provide a drive to mac-fusion to facilitate data recovery. If you do not have an external hard drive, drives are available in-store for purchase.

Mac OS X software pricing
Mac OS X upgrade or clean install$39
Mac OS X troubleshooting$99
Mac OS X backup or restore$99


iPad & iPod


If your issue wasn’t caused by accidental damage and it’s covered by warranty, AppleCare+ there’s no charge. If your iPad was damaged and you have AppleCare+, the coverage includes two incidents of accidental damage. Each incident has a service fee shown below. If you don’t have AppleCare+, your repair fee will vary up to the out-of-warranty fee below.

Not sure if you’re covered? Check if you have AppleCare+ by entering your iPad or iPod serial number.

Please note – personalized or engraved iPads and iPods can take 2-4 weeks for replacement

Be sure to back up your iPad or iPod to iCloud or iTunes before you bring it in for service. Details can be found here.

iPad repair
DeviceWith AppleCare+Without AppleCare+
In warranty iPad serviceFreeFree
iPad mini, iPad mini 2$49$219
iPad, iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad 7th, 6th, 5th$49$269
iPad 3 & 4, iPad mini 3, 4,5,  iPad Air 2$49$319
iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Air 3$49$399
iPad Pro 10.5-inch$49 $469
iPad Pro 11-inch, 2nd Gen$49$519
iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 2nd Gen$49$619
iPad Pro 12.9 4th Gen, 3rd Gen$49$669
iPod repair
DeviceWith AppleCare+ +Without AppleCare+
iPod Shuffle$39
iPod Nano$99
iPod Touch$29.00$129
iPod Classic 160GB 2009+$299
iOS software issues
iOS quick fix (under 5 minutes)Free
iOS erase and restore$19.00
iOS data recoveryStarting at $39.00


Apple Watch


If you’re having issues with your Apple Watch, try restarting it first. You can also unpair your Apple Watch and then pair it again.

Restart your Apple Watch
Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone
Read Apple support articles

If these steps don’t fix the issue, please visit our store to check your Watch in for service. We will diagnose the issue and if needed, mail it to Apple for repair or replacement. When you pick up your Apple Watch, we can give you the details on how it was serviced.

Watch repair
DeviceWith AppleCare+Without AppleCare+
Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) Aluminum,
Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ (GPS)
Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) Aluminum,
Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ (GPS + Cellular)
Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) Stainless Steel$69$419
Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS) Aluminum,
Apple Watch Series 5 Nike+ (GPS)
Apple Watch Series 5
(GPS + Cellular) Aluminum,
Apple Watch Series 5 Nike+ (GPS + Cellular)
Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular) Stainless Steel$69$419
Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS) Aluminum,
Apple Watch Series 6 Nike+ (GPS)
Apple Watch Series 6
(GPS + Cellular) Aluminum,
Apple Watch Series 6 Nike+ (GPS + Cellular)
Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular) Stainless Steel$69$419
Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS) Aluminum,
Apple Watch Series 7 Nike+ (GPS)
Apple Watch Series 7
(GPS + Cellular) Aluminum,
Apple Watch Series 7 Nike+ (GPS + Cellular)
Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS + Cellular) Stainless Steel$69$419