Thanks for taking the time to see if we can help you with your Apple service. mac-fusion is an independent Apple dealer and we have been partnering with Apple since 1998. People often have many questions about us so we thought we would put together a handy FAQ:

mac-fusion, Seal Beach

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm

Q. Do I need an appointment?   A. We only require appointments for $49 iPhone battery repairs due to demand. You can make an appointment through support.apple.com or through our appointment scheduler. At this time you do not need an appointment to bring in your computer for service. We work on a first come, first served basis. We also offer a rush option for a fee.

Q. Do You repair iPhones?   A. Yes, mac-fusion is an Apple Authorized repair center and we are able to repair or facilitate the repair of all Apple products.  We are authorized to do same day, in-house, repairs of iPhone 6S or newer. For iPhone 6 or older we are unable to do any display repairs but we can facilitate it to Apple. We are however able to do other repairs in-house for these older models. If you have questions please call so we can verify we have the parts in stock to do your repair. 562.598.0000

Q. Can you replace my iPad screen/or battery?   A. iPad is a completely sealed unit and all iPads must be sent out for service. It is recommended that you back up all data prior to bringing it in as on occasion they swap out the iPad for another identical unit.

Q. Do you do all repairs in house or mail them out?   A. For Mac we repair in house unless it will save you money by sending it into the depot (Instances with multiple parts or liquid damage). The following models have a mail in only option are Apple TV, iPad, Apple Watch, Beats, and Airport/Time Capsule. For some iPhone issues such as no power or the issue resides on the logic board that would be a mail in only option as well.

Q. Can you remove Malware and check for viruses?   A. While Apple devices are not really susceptible to viruses, nefarious people have gotten a bit more creative in tricking us into installing Malware. mac-fusion can clean up your computer and stop those aIInnoying pop ups and redirects.

Q. Can you recover my data of my failed drive or device?   A. Yes we can. We actually offer several data recovery options. Data recovery pricing ranges from $179-$800 depending on the size of the drive. If we can’t get your data, you are not charged. If your drive is beyond what we can handle in house we can even help facilitate it to a clean room recovery site.

Q. My computer is under AppleCare/AppleCare+, will there be any charge to me?   A. As long as your problem falls under AppleCare’s terms and conditions your part will be replaced at no charge to you. In case of accidental damage on a Mac with AppleCare+ does have a deductible of either $99 or $299 depending on parts involved. AppleCare/AppleCare+ does not cover software or data which means you could have supplemental charges if you need data transfer, data recovery, or if your issue is software related. All potential charges will be given to you ahead of time for your approval.

Q. Are you a franchise or owned by Apple?   A. No, we are an independent dealer that is Authorized for Apple Sales and Service. We’ve been working closely with Apple since 1998. In 2015 mac-fusion achieved the two highest designations awarded by Apple- Apple Premier Partner and Apple Premium Service Provider. We take great pride in these achievements as they reflect our dedication to Apple and how much we care about our clients.

Q. What are your hours?   A. We are open 7 days a week. MondayFriday 10am – 6pm, SaturdaySunday 10am – 4pm

Q. Can I get a quote over the phone?   A. Unfortunately it is not possible to give you a quote without our technicians seeing your machine.

Q. Do you offer training?   A. We do! We offer free group classes, affordable group training and one-on-one help with a technician. To sign up for our free group classes click here. To find out more information about our one-on-one classes click here or call 562.598.0000 to schedule an appointment.

Q. Can you get Apple parts for older machines?   A. Apple Service parts are available for up to 7 years before Apple deems your product obsolete and no longer has to legally supply parts or support for it. mac-fusion has been Apple Authorized for almost 20 years and as such, we do have an impressive service part stock supply for many older machines. Per our contract with Apple we must provide all service by Apple Authorized technicians and we are not allowed to sell parts outright.

Q. Can you come to my home or business?   A. Absolutely! Actually, before we opened up the retail portion of our business in 2012 mac-fusion was exclusively a repair business that also took care of businesses that run on Apple products.