Now that our business model is “we come to you” what Apple Authorized repairs do we still offer?

While technically we can still offer you assistance on every Apple product for repair, some don’t always make sense for you the consumer. We strive to always be upfront and honest so you can make the decisions that work best for you.


In California we actually get an extra 2 years that Apple has to supply parts for your devices, meaning that we have a total of 7 years from the date of your purchase to be able to get parts. We can help you with your Apple limited 1 year warranty, your AppleCare + warranty including accidental damage claims, as well as out of warranty repairs if they are within that 7 year window (occasionally it can be longer than 7 years if Apple didn’t update a machine model for multiple years). If you have any questions on the eligibility of your Mac please use the contact button above to reach out to us. Concierge fees for pickup and delivery apply.


When we closed down our physical location in 2022 we lost our ability to do same day iPhone repair as we no longer were qualified to keep our large stock of iPhone consignment parts on hand. This means for any hardware issue you may have on your iPhone it would need to be sent to Apple, not really ideal, right? We can however still help you with software, settings, iCloud issues, and making sure all your devices play well together.

For Businesses that have large fleets of iPhones that need repair, or if you need help with MDM we are here to help! Please reach out using the contact button above.

iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, & Airpods

For iPod, iPad, and the Apple Watch these are all sealed devices and are a whole unit swap/repair that has to be done at an Apple repair factory. This means regardless of where you go for repair they can’t do the repair in house (including Apple retail). For these three devices there is only two repair options. They have a battery only repair price, and an everything else repair price. In some instances it can be hard to know if it is worth the repair price or if you are better off replacing your device. We are happy to help you explore your options, just click the contact button above.

If you have a device that you heavily rely on and need it repaired same day we would recommend going to an Apple Store for service as they often have a good portion of these devices on hand for a full unit swap on the spot.


Due to the pricing of AirPod repairs and our concierge fee we urge you to call Apple so you can ship out your own product for repair and receive them directly when they are fixed. They are available 24/7 via their toll-free phone number which is (800) 275-2273.