Trying to make out a tiny serial number or some fine print you can barely read can be frustrating. Years ago, Apple added a magnifier mode to its accessibility options and turned the feature into a standalone app in iOS 14. You can find the Magnifier app in the Utilities folder in your App Library (swipe left on the Home Screen until you get there), open it by voice (“Hey Siri, open Magnifier.”), and add it to Control Center (Settings > Control Center). Its special camera viewfinder is zoomed automatically, but you can change the zoom level with the slider and tap the flashlight icon to add illumination—more controls can be added by tapping the gear icon. Tap the round shutter button to freeze the image (tap it again to resume). Double-tap the viewfinder to hide all the controls, and double-tap again to bring them back.

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Social Media: The built-in Magnifier app on the iPhone and iPad is a godsend when trying to make out a tiny serial number or anything else that’s too small to read easily.