FusionCare: Out of Warranty Coverage powered by Safeware. Mac from $149*
FusionCare: Out of Warranty Coverage powered by Safeware. iOS from $129*

FusionCare: Out of Warranty Coverage
We often have people invest in expensive repairs on their devices and while Apple does have a 90 warranty on the part replaced, it doesn’t cover if another part should fail. With FusionCare: Out of Warranty Coverage is good for a year and will cover you in the case of accidental damage as well.

How does it work?
When you get your device repaired with mac-fusion (or you can have it evaluated to make sure there’s no existing damage or failures) we will let you know what the current worth of your computer is. This is your “Virtual Piggybank” and how much you have in future coverage.

So let’s say you buy a 15″ MacBook Pro that has been evaluated for $1799. That’s how much your Piggybank is worth. A big glass of sticky liquid gets spilled on it, it wasn’t even your fault and now your new baby is ruined. This is a Tier 4 repair that runs around $1499. You are completely covered with no deductible. Now your bank has $300 left in it. If you should get in another mishap Safeware will pay up to the $300 left in your Piggybank to cover any future failure or accidental damage. This is a 1 year coverage program and can be renewed yearly as long as your computer has enough worth left in it (normally 1-4 years of age, depending on model).


Q. What if I don’t have any accidents in my 1 year of coverage?
A. Then all you paid for was $129 or $149 for peace of mind. Think of it like car insurance. You hope you never need it.

Q. What if I use all of my Piggybank before the end of the year with FusionCare: Out of Warranty Coverage?
A. Then you would have used your entire contract and no longer have any warranty or accidental damage coverage.

Q. What if I move away from this area and mac-fusion can’t take care of my Safeware coverage?
A. Safeware has service providers all over the US, if you end up without one near you there is an option to mail your machine to a service provider.

*Out of Warranty Coverage is a service of SafeWare, repairs will be provided by mac-fusion or any SafeWare authorized provider.