Need a little help?

Here at mac-fusion we often see people that just need a little help. While we are always here for your quick questions and to offer free advice, sometimes you just need a little more than 5 minutes. We thought about offering you a chance to pick our brain for an entire hour but we would rather offer you bite sized sessions (bite/byte, see what we did there?) of 30 minutes that are easier to digest. Bring in all your questions and let us help you with the things that have been driving you mad. Your sanity is easily worth the $39 it costs for our in store session!

What kinds of things can be covered during an in store Tech Byte?
Bring in your Mac, iPad, iPod or iPhone and we can cover all this and more:
• How do I do this?
• I need iCloud help.
• I need to install software.
• Why can’t I get this to work?
• I need my email setup.
• I need help resetting my Apple ID/password.

What kinds of things can be covered during an in home Tech Byte?
• WiFi and other networking issues
• Printing problems
• iCloud across multiple devices
• Time Capsule setup
• Time Machine backup setup
• Apple TV setup

We can also cover all the things we offer in the in store Tech Bytes but from the comfort of your home with all your devices ($69 for 30 minutes). Fix the whole family! Call and make your appointment now 562-598-0000 or drop us an email.