I think it’s safe to say summer 2019 is officially here and we’ve got just what you need to have a fun, cool, and relaxing summer! So read along and come on into mac-fusion to get your summer necessities!

1. Lutron Smart Shades 

Boost your home’s efficiency by keeping your home cool in the summer or by bringing in natural sunlight with the Lutron Smart Shades. Control the shades anywhere, at anytime using Lutron app on your smartphone or just ask Siri to set the scene. The shades are easy to use, low maintenance and come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. 

2. Sonos Speakers

Get the party started with the bluetooth enabled Sonos speakers. Come test out our Sonos Speaker collection to give your TV, movie and music listening a better, more rich sound experience. Once connected to the app you can even control the sound in one room, and a totally different sound in the other. 

3. Ring 

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we’re more likely to head to the beach or get some fresh air outside, but wouldn’t you be more comfortable knowing your home was in safe hands while you’re out and about? With the Ring Spotlight Cam, you’ll get 24/7 surveillance and live updates straight from your smartphone. 

4. Summer iPhone Accessories

Dress up your iPhone with our fun and stylish cases, that will be sure to make your iPhone stand out. In addition, come grab a popsocket for an extra “pop” of color, and better grip for your phone. 

5. iDevices Outdoor Switch 

The iDevices Outdoor Switch lets you control and monitor your outdoor electronics from your mobile device. The dual outlets let you control two devices simultaneously while also being able to schedule which products turn on or off when you need them to. You can also get real time energy consumption data for any electronic plugged into the switch, helping you save money and be more conscious about your energy usage.

6. Griffin Power Bank

Summertime means spending more time outside, but that also means having less access to an outlet to charge your iPhone. With the Griffin portable charger, you’ll be able to charge your iPhone wherever and whenever you need some extra juice.