One of my clients has contracted with a company to do their Sexual Harassment seminars that can only do them via Microsoft Live Meeting. My client is entirely Mac based with no PCs. If you look at the system requirements above it’s only supported on a flavor of Mac OS that is now two versions behind. Fortunately there was a kind person at the Microsoft support center that had a solution for my client’s newer Macs. Since they don’t publicize this solution anywhere, including their own support document, I’ll share with you their work around.

It’s as simple as just modifying a few Java preferences:

Open “Java Preferences”, to find the Java preferences you can either type it in Spotlight or follow this path Applications/Utilities/Java 

• Under General tab, select setting Run applets: in their own process (some MAC computers does not have this option, please proceed to the next step)

• Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab.
- Look for the option “Verify Mixed security code (sandbox vs. trusted)”.

• Select “Enable- run with protection, no warnings”.

• Under “Java Console” section, check “Show Console”

• Under “Debugging” section, check the following: “Enable tracing”, “Enable logging”, and “Show applet lifecycle exceptions”

• Restart the entire browser

Once this is enabled when you follow the steps to join you will get a weird debugging window that pops up and gives you a window into seeing all the code you never cared about but you can just ignore this. Also be sure to click the “allow” button on a small window that pops up asking if you want to allow the applett to run. This trick has worked for Macs running 10.6.8 and 10.7.3 (be sure you have Java installed on Lion as it doesn’t ship with it any longer).

A big thank you to the one Microsoft support person that didn’t stand by the company line of telling our Mac users that they had to go “find a PC”.