marilyn_profile_pic_grayscaleI have been with mac-fusion since July of 2000. I’m officially employee #2 (is that weird or gross?). I have done nearly every job there is here. After 7 years of juggling hardware repairs in the office and doing desktop support for our Business (B2B) clients I decided it was time to hang up my tool belt.

This self proclaimed Queen of Software went on to do another 4 years of strictly B2B support for mac-fusion. When we opened up our Seal Beach retail store in 2012 I knew we had to step up our Social Media and advertising presence. It didn’t take long to realize that taking care of my beloved B2B clients, doing marketing, sourcing exciting accessories for mac-fusion and looking over a growing retail store and service department was spreading me a bit thin. Since we had our B2B clients in good hands with our tech Steve, I took on our Marketing full time.

Fun facts about me-
Married Kevin (owner of mac-fusion) in 2006.
I’m currently trying to grow out my gray hair (my profile pic is from 2012, I’ll update when I’m presentable again).
I have hyper extended elbows and can turn my hands a full 360 plus degrees around.
We live in Seal Beach and I can ride my bike to work in under 4 minutes.
I LOVE being a geek, awkwardness and all!!

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