• Enter in your zip code and hit return
• It will load our location
• Select our location
• You will be able to choose Mac or iPhone
If you take a non-iPhone appointment for your iPhone you will not be checked in
• Select a date that is not grayed out
• If there’s no appointments currently available it will let you know
• Choose a time available
• Enter in your information and a description of the issue you are having
• Press continue to complete your appointment
• You should receive an appointment confirmation from Apple
• You may receive an email from us as well that explains our process

Helpful Hints: We upload appointments to Apple at 10am Sunday-Thursday for the next business day. They go live usually within a few minutes. They can be acquired here (easier) or through Apple’s support site which can entail logins and several steps. These appointments are usually gone by 4pm, but not always. Any cancellations automatically get uploaded back to Apple and will present here as well. Currently this is the only way to get an appointment. If you would like assistance getting an appointment with another service provider or with Apple direct please call (800) 275-2273. They are available 24/7 via their toll-free phone number.