I don’t like talking about data recovery. I would rather everyone just back up their computers. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about backing up until they’ve been through the heartbreak of losing data.

Data recovery has become our number one service that we provide in our repair shop. We’ve expanded our recovery options and pricing to try and make it more affordable:

Straight transfer $99
This option is when your data is able to be cloned without intervention on the first attempt.

Software recovery $179
This option is used when the straight transfer fails or if the data that is being recovered was accidentally deleted by the user.

Hardware recovery $400-$800
When the above options don’t work or if the drive is experiencing a mechanical error. The price varies by the size of the drive. With this option we are able to bypass failing parts in the drive itself.

Ontrack clean room recovery $999 (mailed to their facility and there may be a shipping charge)
If we can’t get it with our hardware recovery and the data is mission critical then companies like Ontrack are your last chance. They have clean rooms and can do a platter level recovery.

When you check in your machine for recovery we don’t know what kind of recovery you’ll need until we are able to test your drive. We charge a $99 non-refundable evaluation fee. However that fee is applied to the repair if you should move forward with it. If we can’t get data or you decide you don’t want to move onto a higher step of recovery, you only pay the evaluation fee to cover our attempts.