A few weeks ago I took my Lightning cable out of my computer bag and noticed that it had gotten crimped. While it still worked, the cable needed to be twisted to make the connection keep working. In comes the Mos Spring Lightning cable. With a metal exoskeleton and sturdy springs at both ends, this cable is ready to rumble. The best thing with this beast is it only costs $10 more than your standard cable!

Menos shown with orange cable tie.

On another note, I’m slightly in love with this company Mos. If that epic cable wasn’t enough they also make these little magnetic cable holders. It comes in two sizes and the tips of your cables just magically stick to them (I do know that magnets aren’t magic). Have a cable without enough metal to stick? No problem, you can add their magnetic cable tie to keep that bad boy in place. I also use the magnetic cable tie to differentiate between my iPhone and iPad cable at a quick glance.

Do you love these as much as I do? Come on into mac-fusion and grab them while they last!