Summer is approaching, which means the temperature is rising and so is the risk of your iPhone overheating. Find out more about how to help keep your iPhone safe from the summer sun.

First things first, it is important to know the iPhone is designed to operate at a temperature between 32 F (0 C) and 95 F (35 C). When gone above 95 F, the temperature warning diplayed above will appear on your iPhone. If this message appears, simply place the phone in a cooler environment or away from direct sunlight. 

What’s okay and What’s not okay: 

The iPhone should not be left in direct sunlight or extreme heat for too long, which includes your car, on the beach, or even bringing it along on your outdoor workout/excursions. If the iPhone overheats, you will notice that it drains the battery a lot faster. Heat exposure can damage the phones battery life permanently. 

Pro tip: Your iPhone battery heats up faster the more apps and features you have running. Try turning off bluetooth or Wifi or shutting down any apps you don’t need while your outside for better battery performance.

Other Suggestions:  

Invest in the Apple Watch: 

Having a smart watch can help save some of your phones battery life. Checking alerts on your watch instead of waking up your phone and unlocking it is much easier on the battery. Not only that, but you can store music on your Apple Watch, so that you don’t even need to take your phone out of your bag. 

Portable Power Bank:

If you know your phone dies quickly, invest in a portable power bank to keep your iPhone from dying throughout the day. Spending hours on the beach or outside combined with the heat, can drain the battery faster than usual. Having a portable battery handy can prevent this from happening. Purchase a portable power bank right here at mac-fusion!  

Battery Replacement: 

If you find your iPhone battery is dying or overheating a lot faster than usual. It might be time to replace the battery. Our technicians, can replace your iPhone battery in as little as 2-3 hours. Prices start at $49 depending on the iPhone model. Click here to schedule your appointment.