I saw the IN1 case online many weeks ago and was instantly intrigued. When my guys went to MacWorld to shop for new products they brought me back a demo unit to give it a try. Let me start out by saying, I LOVE this case. I originally set out thinking it was maybe just a tiny bit gimmicky but I have used the tools on several occasions during my testing.


What’s Inside
Inside the case is a plethora of handy tools. You get a red pen, black pen, flat head screw driver, a Phillips screw driver, nail file, tweezers, scissors and a plastic tooth pick. All the tools are metal (except for the tooth pick) with a little color nib that has a indent so you can easily grab it out of the case. It comes in three base colors of translucent, black or white. You also get the option of 6 nib colors of white, black, pink, blue, green and orange. This case even has a built in kick stand that allows you to prop it up for movie viewing or in my case, keeping an eye on my Boom Beach game (shhhhh don’t tell on me!).

Beyond all the awesome tools the material used in this case feels amazing. It’s a hard case that has just a hint of rubbery-ness (that’s a word, right?). It easily slides in and out of my pocket but has just enough grip to not slip from my hands. It’s easy to get in and out of this case as well. There’s a little removable piece at the bottom so you can even easily use it in a dock.

It’s thick. Like, nearly twice as thick as our low profile cases that we carry. That was the one thing people mentioned when they looked at it. Funny enough for someone that carries her iPhone in her back pocket (I’m way girly in case you didn’t catch that), I really didn’t notice the thickness after a day or two of use.

It’s TSA compliant!! It says so right on the box. It has now made three airplane trips and made it through security at the San Francisco Airport, LAX and through Nashville. No extra security checks and all my bodily cavities were left alone.

OK, OK, I get that you are excited. Since it passed mac-fusion’s rigorous testing we now carry this case in a variety of color combinations. Come on down and get yours.