Let’s say you’re writing documentation to help colleagues use Preview to edit images, sign PDFs, and convert graphics. (A worthy task for which they will thank you!) For this documentation, you want to include the Preview app’s icon so they know what to look for in the Applications folder and Dock. To copy a high-resolution version of any app icon that you can paste into a document or combine with other graphics, select the app in the Finder, choose File > Get Info, select the little icon in the upper-left corner of the Info window, and press Command-C. You can then use Command-V to paste it wherever you want or create a new file containing all sizes of the icon by switching to Preview and choosing File > New From Clipboard.

(Featured image based on an original by iStock.com/sofirinaja)

Social Media: Have you ever wanted to use a Mac app’s icon in documentation or a Web page? It’s easy to copy a high-resolution version straight from the Finder!