Image created with Bing AI. Ignore the weird AI interpretation of the Apple Remote… 

OK, that title is a bit dramatic but let me set the scene. It’s Saturday night, the popcorn is hot, and the husband and I are snuggled up on the couch to watch something on the Apple TV. As it seems with most shows/movies these days the speaking audio seems to go from way too loud to “what did they say” in a matter of seconds. So here’s where the problem starts. My husband Kevin doesn’t want to miss a word so he will ask me if I heard what they said, if I didn’t he will insist on rewinding. He picks up the Apple Remote to rewind it a few seconds and next thing you know we are 5 minutes back. Then he tries to course correct and we are right back to where we paused it. Then like a bad comedy sketch it goes back and forth to too far, to too far again. At some point I snap and would rather watch the last 5 minutes again rather than playing this game any longer. This happens often enough that I will get to the point of “I DON’T CARE WHAT THEY SAID, LEAVE IT”. Kevin says “In my defense, this is usually after a glass or two of wine and both my impulse control and fine motor skills have taken a hit, haha.”

This last week while Kevin was doing some studying for a new Apple certification he came across an article about other things that Siri can do for you. I’ll attach a link to this article below but the main highlight was the command “What did they say”. I haven’t really used the Apple TV remote with Siri much so I was skeptical. This last weekend we were watching TV and the dreaded “what did they say” phrase came out of his mouth and instantly I felt that blood pressure start to go up. He however grabbed the Apple TV remote, pushed the Siri button and repeated his question. IT REWOUND OUR SHOW ABOUT 10 SECONDS AND BRIEFLY TURNED ON THE SUBTITLES. This was amazing. 

While Kevin and I have been Apple users for over 30 years there is still features on our devices that we didn’t know about. We are guessing that many of you might have missed some of these amazing features as well. We hope to share many more helpful things that your devices can do for you under our new Mac-Fusion Test Kitchen series. To see other helpful Siri commands click here. To suggest another Apple trick you would like to see featured or if you would like in home assistance please click the button below to email us.