You know the feeling. You went out last night, had a little too much fun, and now you can’t find your iPhone. Did you leave it sitting on the bar? Did you leave it in the cab? Did someone steal it? Or did you simply put it somewhere unusual since you weren’t thinking clearly when you got home?

Thanks to the Find My iPhone feature of iCloud you no longer have to wonder where your iPhone is. Simply login to using your Apple ID, select Find My iPhone, and your iPhone’s location appears on the map. If you have another iPhone or iPad available, you can also login via the “Find My iPhone” app, which is freely available on the App Store.

Once you’ve located your iPhone you’ll be given three options:

• Play Sound: This option is your friend when your iPhone shows up at your address but you cannot find it. Click this and your iPhone will continuously play a sound to help locate it.

• Lost Mode: If your iPhone isn’t at your house or another known location, use this option to immediately lock your iPhone using a passcode and display a message. Locking the phone down with a passcode will help protect your data, such as photos and contacts, and the message can be used to provide alternate contact information in case someone locates your phone.

• Erase iPhone: This is the nuclear option and used only as a last resort when you’re certain you won’t recover your iPhone. As the name implies it will permanently erase all data on your iPhone and you will not be able recover that data unless you’ve previously backed it up.

Now that you know the benefits of Find My iPhone, make sure it’s enabled by going to your iPhone’s iCloud settings. Then just click on “Find My iPhone” and turn the switch on to activate the feature.  While I’ve focused on iPhones in this article, it’s important to understand that this feature is also available on iPads, iPod Touches, and Mac computers so go ahead and make sure all of your Apple devices are protected today.

If you have questions about this or any other feature contact us and one of our Apple experts will be happy to help you.