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But at the same time never really wanted to do anything shady? We’re with you on that and you’re in luck! Mac-Fusion is now offering FREE pick up and delivery… but in a parking lot or some other location specified by the technician. After a few years we’ve realized not every one is comfortable with people in their home, or to accrue the extra cost of the concierge service especially if your Mac is under warranty. How does this work? Just click the link below and send in an email query and we will work with you to coordinate a handoff. Does this only work for warranty repairs? No! It does however need to be a cut and dry hardware issue as these sort of handoffs are not conducive to “show me what’s going on”. How do you know if it is hardware or not? This is what our combined 70 plus years of experience is for! Click below to start your free handoff appointment so you too can joke with a Mac-Fusion employee, ”How much for a dime?!?“