Today a tech friend, who is very smart, asked me “How do you get the signature to insert at the top of a reply instead of the bottom?”. I’m like “easy peasy, this is a no brainer”. I brushed the cobwebs off my Entourage 2008 and launched it. Opened up the preferences and then scratched my head. Huh? It used to be a little check box thingy right here… where is it? So after some switch flipping and emailing myself back and forth I found it. Why it isn’t labeled better, well, only Microsoft can answer that question.


In case the picture isn’t obvious go up under the Entourage drop down menu and select Preferences. Click on the “Reply & Forward” option in the left column and then select the bubble next to “Place reply at top of message and include From, Date, To, and Subject lines from original message”. Note it doesn’t say a darn thing about your signature. So silly. Hope this helps all three of you still using Entourage ;-)