One new feature on the iPhone 6s that everyone “geeked” out over was the Live Photos feature.  If you’ve ever seen one of the Harry Potter films, you probably remember that the pictures in all their books are animated as though they’re alive.  Well, Apple has brought us one step closer to Hogwarts with this new feature.  Basically, Live Photos capture one and a half seconds before and after the photo is taken, including sound.  That way, when you review your pictures, you can choose to either look at the standard still image or, if you press and hold on the photo it will “come to life.”

Taking a Live Photo is easy.  To take the photo you simply need to open the camera app, and at the top of the screen you will see a small icon that looks like a tiny bullseye.  If you tap that icon it will turn yellow, and enable Live Photos.  Once that icon is yellow, you can simply point the camera, and press the on-screen button to take the photo as usual. Voila! You have created your first Live Photo.  Now you can review the picture in your Photos app like you normally do, and again, just press and hold on it to make it start moving.

So you have taken several Live Photos on your iPhone 6s, but how can you share them?  You can share Live Photos with anyone just like you normally do, and if they’re running an Apple device with iOS 9.0 or later, they can view the 3-second clip just by pressing and holding on the photo.

One caveat is that no social media site currently supports posting Live Photos; they appear as still images.  Eventually, Facebook, Instagram, and other phone platforms will likely accommodate Live Photos, so just hang tight and wait for the rest of the tech world to catch up to Apple.

A photo is worth a thousand words, but a Live Photo is worth more than just words.  A Live Photo allows you to have a small active memory of that instant in time.

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