FusionCare Monitoring is FREE when you buy any Mac or have your Mac serviced at mac-fusion (a $99 value).

Wouldn’t it be great if your Mac could let us know if your hard drive was about to crash, if you were running out of memory, or if there’s a problem with your latest backup?
Now it can with mac-fusion’s FusionCare Monitoring! It’s our job to worry… so you don’t have to.

This software is:
• Fast – in many cases, it sends a report before you even realize something is going wrong
• Easy to use – the system operates 24/7/365, and errors are sent to our trained Apple Certified technicians
• Secure – we do NOT have access to your personal information, such as files stored on your hard drive
• Free for customers – buy your new Mac or have your Mac serviced here and you’ll get FusionCare Monitoring for free – a $99 value!
(If you’ve purchased a Mac or had your Mac serviced here in the past, please contact us for installation instructions, or bring your Mac into our store and we’ll be happy to install it for you.)

FusionCare Monitoring will check for the following:
• Malware
• Hard Drive Space
• Hard Drive Errors
• RAM Issues
• Backup Failures
• Missing Hardware
• Failing Batteries
• RAID Issues
And more

It’s like having mac-fusion as your full time IT department at home, all for free. Stop by mac-fusion for your FREE FusionCare Monitoring software or Contact Us for a download link.

Your computer privacy is our top priority please see our privacy page regarding FusionCare Monitoring.