FusionCare: Accidental Damage powered by Safeware. Options for Mac from $59-$149, for iOS $19-$49*

FusionCare: Accidental Damage Plus powered by Safeware $59 for Mac, $19 for iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch
While Apple does have accidental damage coverage for your devices through AppleCare+, you still have to pay an incident fee which can cost as much as $299 depending on what happens to your device. With FusionCare: Accidental Damage Plus, Safeware will cover the cost of the deductible, so you pay nothing out of pocket when your device gets damaged. The cost of the deductible simply comes out of your “virtual piggybank” (see last section for explanation).

FusionCare: Accidental Damage Extended powered by Safeware $149 for Mac, $49 for iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch*
Have you ever wished that your warranty lasted longer? When you add FusionCare: Accidental Damage Extended to your purchase you get an additional fourth year of warranty and accidental damage coverage from Safeware. All the great benefits of FusionCare: Accidental Damage Plus and an additional year of coverage!

How does it work?
When you buy a new computer with FusionCare Accidental Damage Plus or Extended you get a virtual “piggybank” worth the amount of your device. All manufacturer defects are covered under your AppleCare+ coverage. If you suffer a mishap of accidental damage Safeware pays the deductible fees. You are covered as many times as you have money in your piggybank, even beyond the two incidents that Apple will cover.

So let’s say you buy a MacBook Pro for $1,999. That’s how much your Piggybank is worth. A big glass of sticky liquid gets spilled on it, it wasn’t even your fault and now your new baby is ruined. With Safeware will pay for your $299 deductible and Apple picks up the Tier 4 repair. Now your bank has $1700 left in it. If you should get in another mishap Safeware pays the deductible and Apple covers the rest of your repair and you still have $1400 left in your Piggybank to cover any future accidental damage. With AppleCare+ alone you are limited to only two accidental damage incidents. When you add FusionCare: Accidental Damage Plus they will cover you until your bank is empty.


Q. What if I don’t have any accidents in my 3 or 4 years of coverage?
A. Then all you paid for was $59 or $149 for peace of mind. Think of it like car insurance. You hope you never need it.

Q. What if I use all of my Piggybank before the end of the fourth year with FusionCare: Accidental Damage Extended?
A. Then you would have used your entire contract and no longer have any warranty or accidental damage coverage.

Q. What if my accidental damage repair is under the deductible fee?
A. You would just pay for the repair outright and still have a full Piggybank for future use.

Q. What if I move away from this area and mac-fusion can’t take care of my Safeware coverage?
A. Safeware has service providers all over the US, if you end up without one near you there is an option to mail your device to a service provider.

Q. Do I have to buy AppleCare+?
A. Yes, the Accidental Damage Coverage by Safeware is only available when purchased with AppleCare+.

Q. You don’t sell iPhones, how can I get it on my new device?
A. If you already have AppleCare+ we can just do an inspection of your device and with your proof of purchase set the value of your Virtual Piggybank. If you don’t have AppleCare+ and are within 60 days of purchase we can sell you AC+ and Safeware.

Q. Do you have any options if I didn’t buy my device with AppleCare+ and I’m no longer eligible?
A. Yes, actually we do. You can get a 1 year plan that covers repairs and accidental damage up to the worth of your device when we evaluate it. For more information please click here.


*Plus and Extended coverage is a service of SafeWare, repairs will be provided by mac-fusion or any SafeWare authorized provider.