I know, I know it may seem like I have a one track mind with this blog post and the other one on winmail.dat files. Since my focus is Mac users in business I get excited by things that narrow the gap on the thought of you “needing” PC’s in the work place. When I posted that last blog I was delighted to find that after many years of giving up on winmail.dat files that there was a solution. In the comments of that blog post I heard from Christopher, who I didn’t know at the time actually worked for the company (or is the company as he’s my one man contact for all), who prompted me to check out www.restoroot.com. This is a seamless plugin for Apple’s Mail.app that takes care of winmail.dat files. Brilliant. Absolutely BRILLIANT. Within three minutes of installing their demo I was on the phone with my client letting them know I found THE solution. I didn’t make any money off this sale, nor am I being given anything to endorse Letter Opener, I just love a solution that makes my clients happy and makes me look like a star.

Please check out this video if you would like to see it in action: LetterOpener