Data Recovery Services

mac-fusion offers the best value for Mac data recovery in Seal Beach, Long Beach, Orange County and surrounding areas. Our success rate for data recovery is over 95%. Mac-Fusion can attempt data recovery from any mass storage device – hard drive, SSD drive, thumb drive, compact flash, SD card, and others.  While Mac-Fusion specializes in Mac repair services and data recovery, we can recover data from Windows and Linux storage devices as well.

mac-fusion’s experienced Apple Certified repair technicians will attempt to recover the files on your drive, using state of the art hardware-based and software-based data recovery tools. mac-fusion’s data recovery process involves 3 distinct phases:

  • We will check in the suspect drive and perform a detailed evaluation of its condition.
  • We will contact you with the results of the drive evaluation and quote the applicable data recovery tier and pricing (tier details are described below).
  • We will commence the data recovery process and keep you informed with updates as the recovery progresses.
  • Please note that while mac-fusion will do its best to estimate the tier of data recovery required at the time of check in, the actual tier determination will not be made until a detailed evaluation of your drive is performed.
Mac-Fusion can also replace your failed drive with a brand new hard drive or SSD drive if desired.  

Level 1 Data Recovery

mac-fusion’s Level 1 Data Recovery Service covers drives with no discernible physical hardware failure or with hardware failure in the very early stages.This could include drives where the data on the drive is corrupt, missing, or otherwise inaccessible.Level 1 data recoveries may include the following symptoms:

  • No Boot to User Account
  • Slow Response Time or Function
  • Deleted or Missing Files
  • Reformatted volume
  • Unmountable Volume
Mac-Fusion’s Level 1 Data Recovery Service is $179. If we are unable to recover the desired files from the drive we would only keep the $99 diagnostics fee for the evaluation and recovery attempted.
Please note that what may appear to be a Level 1 error may be caused by a more serious fault. For example, slow response time or function is often caused by physical block damage which would be classed as a Level 2 Data Recovery. For this reason, Mac-Fusion performs a complete drive evaluation before any data recovery attempt is performed. 

Level 2 Data Recovery

mac-fusion’s Level 2 Data Recovery Service covers drives with moderate physical or mechanical damage requiring advanced hardware-based data recovery methods. With this service, mac-fusion will attempt recovery of data from a drive that is failing or has failed due to moderate mechanical or physical integrity issues. Level 2 data recoveries may include the following symptoms:


  • No Boot To User Account
  • Slow Read Times
  • Smart Errors
  • Unrepairable Volumes
  • Moderate Bad Blocks
mac-fusion’s Level 2 Data Recovery Service starts at $400 and is based on the capacity of the affected drive. If we are unable to recover the desired files from the drive we only charge the $99 evaluation fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turnaround time for most data recovery services is estimated at 4-6 business days, Monday-Friday. Turnaround estimates are subject to change and actual turnaround time may be shorter or longer than estimated.
Mac-Fusion offers a “next in queue” data recovery rush service available for $9for which we commence work on your data recovery work order immediately upon drop off. Data recovery work orders with rush service get priority handling. Please understand that with any data recovery service, the time required to retrieve the data is largely determined by the physical condition of the drive. While Mac-Fusion can expedite the handling of the overall recovery process, there is nothing we can do to make data come over any faster than the failing hard drive permits. Data recovery rush fees are payable at the time of drop-off and are nonrefundable regardless of the recovery outcome.
Mac-Fusion can put your recovered data onto a new hard drive supplied at the time of check in or we can put the recovered data onto a brand new USB drive affordably priced starting at just $99.
Mac-Fusion does not currently have a clean room facility, which is in part is how we keep our data recovery prices low compared to the competition.
Our extensive experience with data recovery has shown that a clean room is required for only for a very small percentage of failed drives. Most data recoveries can be performed successfully without need for a clean room process under one of the twotiers of data recovery services mac-fusion offers. For clients whose failed drives require a clean room recovery, mac-fusion can facilitate this service on your behalf with one of our trusted data recovery partners.
Mac-Fusion can assist you with a clean room recovery. We have partnered with Ontrack recovery services and have negotiated a flat fee of $999. 
Mac-Fusion also offers data transfer services for healthy drives that are in 100% good working order.  For example, if you are upgrading to a newer Mac we can transfer or migrate the data from the older Mac or a backup hard drive to the newer Mac. Most Mac-Fusion data transfer service work orders are $99.