You know, you know. You should have been backing up your work. You meant to, but the game was on or the kids needed dinner or the dog had to go out or you had a tee time or you just never thought you’d really spill that freakin’ latte on your MacBook.

Whatever your excuse, whether you damaged your Apple product carelessly or it fritzed out on its own, there is nothing scarier than that moment when you realize…you may have just lost everything. The photos from the family reunion…you know, the only pictures of everyone before Uncle Frank passed away. All your financial tracking information! The thesis you’ve been working on for two (OK, three) years!

Before you hyperventilate, put down the paper bag and call us at mac-fusion. Our technicians and engineers are highly skilled in the art of data recovery and are your Southern California lifeline in the event of an iEmergency.

So before you panic, stop by for a consultation to see whether your beloved (or beleaguered) files have truly been put out to pasture. We work with you on a case by case basis and while can’t make guarantees without seeing the carnage that has been inflicted, we have many, many Apple-flavored superpowers. Often we are able to retrieve some or all of the data on a damaged device.

And while you’re waiting to meet with our technological magicians? Do yourself – and us – a favor. Step away from the latte and consider not bringing your iPhone to the pool.