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Despite the constantly growing availability of storage, the loss of digital information remains a general commonality. Data loss is caused by a variety of things such as human error, software malfunctions (viruses), power outages, and hardware failure. 

Luckily, almost all data stored on a digital device, can almost always be recoverable. However, scenarios involving any unsaved work that is caused by a power outage, for example, can’t in anyway be recovered.

Most Common Reasons for Data Loss

Logic Failure:

This kind of failure occurs with both traditional and modern hard drives. This type of failure is nonmechanical and can occur when data is overwritten or affected by virus damage. Though the internal structure of the problem drive is intact and undamaged, this type of recovery must be done by data recovery experts. Common types of logic failure include: 

  • Unintentional Formatting 
  • Overwritten Data
  • Operating System Corruption 
  • File Directory Damage From a Virus 

Physical Failure: 

This type of failure refers to the permanent failure of any storage drive to the point where the electronic mechanisms no longer work on your computer. To achieve hard drive recovery from physical damage, it is recommended to seek professional help, as mac-fusion has the specialized equipment needed to remove and replace the parts that are causing the damage. Common types of physical failure include: 

  • Faulty electronic Parts
  • Head Crash*
  • Fire, or Liquid damage 

*A head crash is one of the most common physical damage occurrences. It is caused when the read-write head is jolted out of place and pressed against the rotating platter, often causing permanent internal damage.

What To Do When Damage Occurs

The most important thing to do when physical or logical failures occur is to seek professional help. Most people panic when they realize their device is crashing so they rush to recover as many files as possible. By doing that however, you are putting additional strain on your hard drive or device and could be exposing it to further damages. 

The best thing to do is to power off the device, identify which damage is occurring, and seek professional help from mac-fusion’s professional technicians .