Our COVID-19 Response.

  • While we allow our staff to catch up with their vaccinations we will require masks for all customers until June 22nd. 
  • Currently masks are worn by our staff at ALL times, both front of house and our service department in the back.
  • Masks are required for all people entering our building until June 22nd.
  • We purchased three AirSoap machines that uses UV-C to kill and capture airborne viruses. We have two in the front of the store and one in the back.
  • We use isopropyl alcohol to clean all surfaces and incoming devices. For smaller items like iPhone and iPad we have PhoneSoap/HomeSoap machines to sanitize devices before our service technicians begin work on them.
  • Our staff sanitizes the check-in area including the credit card terminals and all pens used for signature in between customers.
  • We have a plexiglass shield at the check-in counter and our staff is obscured behind our two iMacs to help provide a physical barrier.
  • We are trying to keep all customer visits to 10 minutes or under.