Here at mac-fusion we do a lot of data recovery. We see sad tales of hard drive crashes and no backups. We see this daily. The even sadder tale is that of the mom with her iPhone full of baby pictures and it gets dropped into the dog bowl or bathtub. With AppleCare+ it will only cost you $79 to get the phone replaced, but what about your data? The 5GBs of free iCloud storage doesn’t go very far these days with your awesome iPhone camera. You have photo stream on? That only keeps the last 1,000 PHOTOS (no cute baby videos!!) and once you get to 1,001 the number one photo in that 1,000 leaves your stream. So what to do? Buy more iCloud storage? You can have 55GBs for $100 a year. What happens if you delete a bunch of photos on accident? How do you know what’s actually backed up in that cloud? What if you kill your iPhone and decide you don’t want to be on an iPhone any longer? There are situations here where you wouldn’t be able to restore those precious moments. So what’s a mom to do?

If you have a Mac at home, my favorite option is to backup your iPhone/iPads to your Mac. Then, have that Mac backing up to a Time Machine drive and a secondary method of choice. This is my ideal world and how I roll. What we are seeing more and more is people without computers at home. Their life revolves around iDevices and they don’t have a need for a Mac. Now what? Dropbox, which I’ve mentioned before, has great photo capabilities. You can set the Dropbox app on your iPad and iPhone to automatically upload all your pictures to Dropbox. For $9.99 a month, or if you pay up front, $99 for the year, you get 100 plus Gigabytes of storage. You get access to all your photos from any device, regardless of what device the pictures came from. Accidentally delete it on Dropbox? They backup your files too and you can restore them. Also, those cute baby videos of the first steps, first words, all the firsts… are backed automagically as well. I know I sound like I’m getting paid or sponsored by DropBox. I can assure you my heart is coming from the place of a mom that would be beyond broken if I lost those memories of my two boys.

Data recovery off an iPhone or iPad is not something that is easy to do and often needs to go to a service like DriveSavers. You don’t want to have to make the tough decision on how much this data is worth. Once you go to a high end recovery place like this you are often looking at $1000 plus. Please let mac-fusion help you make sure your data is secure and backing up, regardless of what path you choose.