Everyone knows that Mac features an intuitive and stable operating system, but did you know that your Mac comes with many applications designed to be just as easy to use and stable as the operating system? This means that from the minute you open your Mac, you don’t need to waste time installing complicated programs in order to be productive. Your Mac comes equipped with the following programs:

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
In order to jump-start your productivity, the Mac comes equipped with a complete word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation program. Not only are these programs free, but they are designed to work together seamlessly. This lets you begin creating everything from professional presentations to business brochures right out of the box.

Apple’s powerful Photos program helps you organize and share your photos automatically over all your Apple devices. You can also easily organize your photos by date and even “tag” faces to assist your Mac in organizing your photos automatically.

Photos also comes equipped with a professional editing system, which lets you tweak your photos so they look exactly how you want. These tools allow you to insert filters, adjust color, and create wonderful looking photo albums and slide shows.

Recording video from your iPhone or iPad is easy, but say you want to edit your video or add music in order to create a professional experience? iMovie makes this simple by providing an easy to use video editor capable of adding professional looking special effects or inserting titles into your favorite videos. If you want to indulge your inner director, there is even an easy to use feature that allow you to create movie trailers.

Of course, iMovie is an Apple product, so it is designed to automatically communicate with your other Apple devices, saving you the time and effort of uploading your movies for editing.

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