I literally just started using Scannable today, but I was so excited about it that I just had to write a review. This app is from the makers of Evernote, and if you’re familiar with that app, you know these people are great at designing user interfaces that are both intuitive and functional. If you need an easy way to create PDF’s of physical documents, look no further.

Getting started with the app is a snap (rhyming unintentional). Simply open it up and allow camera access when it asks, and then you’re off. By default, the app will be looking for a document automatically from the time you open it up, so make sure you have it at the ready. Personally, I found this mode to be a little hyperactive when it came to grabbing the image and sometimes I wanted a little more control over when it took the picture, so you can just press the “Manual” option and that gives you a shutter trigger button. Also, it helps if you have the paper on some sort of background that has a contrasting color.

The app itself doesn’t store any of your scans, so you will need to export them via one of the built-in methods. As you can imagine, you can send things directly to Evernote as well as a variety of other common options, such as email or the camera roll on your device. Overall, the quality was very good in my tests. Here’s a sample of a class schedule that I scanned using the app:

scannable sample

I’ve used other PDF scanning apps in the past and the results didn’t come out nearly as good as this. Given the low price of zero dollars and the quick-and-easy interface, this app is a  total gem. Download it on the App Store today!  Link below.