I’ve gone back and forth on if this is an appropriate place for this. Afterall, it doesn’t have an Apple logo on it, right? I finally figured there were probably more than just a few people out there that were like me. You have kids and tech and you need it to all get along. I’m on my third baby monitor. The first two were gone within 6 weeks. Luckily one of the those two I was able to take back and tell them I just wasn’t pleased for a full refund.

Problem:: We have two WIFI networks with a total of 5 basestations in our house. Yep. You heard me right, 5. The first monitor was supposed to withstand all sorts of interference and wasn’t even on the same mhz/ghz range as any of our other tech. It clicked and popped and had crazy annoying static. As an exhausted, stressed mom of a newborn I don’t want to be awoken because my baby monitor decides to spaz at 3am for no apparent reason. At times it was tempting to just turn it off, but with the baby 45 feet down the hall the good mom in me decided to withstand the pops and clicks. Then one day it dawned on me, why don’t I try a different monitor? This is where baby monitor number 2 comes in. This one was made for larger houses and set up to withstand tech interference. It was even worse and couldn’t keep a connection to the base from our bedroom. After tiresome confusing reviews with conflicting opinions I decided that I was going to try the Phillips Dect Baby Monitor. This wasn’t an easy decision as it was $200. What you say? $200?? Yep. And I will say that it was worth EVERY penny.

Things I love about this monitor::

Great range. It makes it to every corner of our house and even outside both front and back and even on the roof. I pushed it to the limits and found that it could make it across the street. I couldn’t be more impressed with its range.

No static. Seriously, not a pop or crack. It is clear as a bell at all times. Even in my range tests it doesn’t get staticy it just stops being connected.

Sensitivity setting. Do you like to hear every breath your precious little bundle makes? Or do you only want to hear it if they actually make a real noise? For me it depends. When he was small I wanted every little sigh to make sure he was OK. I kept the sensitivity turned all the way up so it was a live feed into his room. As he got older he turned into a real sleep flopper. He tosses and turns and makes a real ruckus. I set the Phillips to a level 4 sensitivity which only gives me a live feed to his room if he makes a few of these noises in succession or belts out a real hollar. There is even less sensitive settings but I don’t think I’ll ever need those unless he starts snoring as he grows.

Parent unit feedback lights. These are great as if you turn down the volume it will still give you light feedback. This works well when I’m in the shower and I can see the monitor but can’t hear it over the water. I can see he is making noises and I better hurry up and finish.

Intercom feature. I love this feature. I haven’t really used it to try and calm the baby from afar it has more come in handy if someone is in or near the babies room and I’m downstairs with a message to give. I can push the talk button and yell up “it’s dinner time” for my older son and he can hear me.

Things I don’t love about this monitor::

Hmmm. I just asked the husband and he doesn’t have anything bad to say either. Maybe just the price as $200 is pretty steep for a baby monitor. For the technology and function though it was worth it for me.