Mother’s Day is around the corner. So why not go beyond the flowers and chocolates and treat your mom to the latest tech gadgets from mac-fusion! After all, she deserves nothing but the best. 

1. Apple Airpods 

Wireless headphones are the new must have, and you can’t go wrong with Apple Airpods. Moms are busy and tend to always have their hands full. With these wireless pods, they can answer phone calls or listen to music all without having to hold their phone up to their ear. 

Special Notice: We have unfortunately sold out of the Airpods, if you want to get a gift card, we can put you on a list for when they are back in stock. 

2. Apple Watch 

If your mom is in the market for a new watch, then the Apple Smartwatch is the way to go. She can check the time, answer messages/phone calls, and track her fitness goals all from a glance to her wrist. Not only that, but you can add in some different styles of watch bands so that your mom can sport her watch in style! 

3. iPad Mini 

Is your mom always on the go? This thin, portable, lightweight tablet will fit perfectly in her purse or bag. Not to mention the high quality retina display for when she’s reading, checking emails, or watching videos. The front and back camera also allows her to take vivid photos and videos to capture all those unforgettable moments. 

4. Ring 

We all say mom’s have eyes in the back of their head, but they can’t see everything at once. The Ring doorbell camera can help with that! With 24/7 surveillance the Ring can help prevent package theft and give your mom the ability to interact with individuals at your doorstep using the built-in microphone, camera and speaker. 

5. Popsockets

Thinking about a more affordable gift? We’ve got a variety of Popsocket colors, patterns and designs to dress up her iPhone. Aside from just making her iPhone look good, this handy iPhone accessory will expand her phone grip and allow her to use it as an iPhone stand.