Whether you’re an expert iPhone user, or are new to Apple Smartphones, there will always be new tips, updates and features for you to learn, and make your life a little easier. Check out these 6 iPhone tricks you may wish you had already known:

Send Your Location

Want to meet up with old friends, but are not familiar with the area? Finding your way an unknown area can get tricky when you are trying to describe your exact location. Luckily, you can send your location with your iPhone device. To do so, make sure your data connection and location are on. Next, open the iMessages app and select the person you wish to send your location to, and tap on details. Select “Send my current location”.

Faster iPhone Charging

Need to charge your iPhone device quickly? plug your phone into the charger and place your device on Airplane mode. Your iPhone will no longer be sharing and pulling data from the web, making it charge much faster.

Undo Typing

Ever write a long text and decide to send something shorter or want to delete the whole thing? With your iPhone, you can easily delete the text by just shaking your phone, which will prompt you to “Undo Typing”. If you change your mind, you can just shake the phone again and it will prompt you to “Redo Typing”.

Quick Text Reply

Did you know you can answer a text with just a swipe? If a text comes through and you want to send a quick response, you can just swipe up and it will bring you to your keyboard, without having to launch the messages app.

Set a time to stop playing music

Used to falling asleep to music, but forget to turn it off? Leaving music on all night can drain your battery and become distracting. To set a timer for when your music will stop, open the Clock app and tap on Timer. Scroll to the bottom and select when you want your music to stop.

Set a reminder to return a call

Receive a call from someone at a moment that you can’t chat? You can set a reminder to return a call with a swipe up and then select a time to remind you to return their call. You can also select “When I leave” which reminds you when you leave your current location.