Its construction is second to none
These fans are beautifully-crafted, not assembled. The entry level L Series supports indoor or outdoor use and features premium hybrid resin airfoils. The I Series can also be used indoor or outdoor and are made of glass-infused composite material with an automotive-grade finish. Both models are UV-resistant to help them last longer in outdoor environments or sunny rooms. In addition, they offer a fully wet rated fan which is perfect for pergolas and exposed rooms here in coastal Southern California. Five layers of sustainably-grown Moso bamboo are used in the H Series airfoils, making them both extremely strong and eco-friendly. Finally, the Luxe Series uses stunning aircraft-grade aluminum. With all of these options you can choose from simple and elegant, to an amazing piece of art.

It is super smart
Using SenseME technology, Haiku fans can detect whether a room is occupied and turn themselves off when no one is around. The I, H, and Luxe series have this feature built-in, and it can be added to the L-series using the optional Haiku Wall Control. Also, if you have a smart thermostat such as ecobee or Nest, the fan and air-conditioner can work together and keep your home cool while saving you money on your power bill. Not to mention, Haiku fans far exceed all ENERGY STAR requirements for products in this category.

It feels amazing
We’ve all seen fans that sound and look like they’re about to fall off the ceiling but barely seem to be moving any air.  You’ll be shocked at the volume of air the Haiku can move even on a very low setting. But if you want to dial it up to 7, it will move so much air you might think your ceiling is about to take off, all while remaining perfectly still and nearly silent. Looking for something in the middle? Try out Whoosh mode, which varies fan speed over time to simulate a natural breeze. Time on the couch can feel like time at the beach.

It can be controlled with your phone
If you’re tired of yanking on the pulley of your fan or getting up to press the wall switch, you’ll be thrilled to know your Haiku fan can be controlled by your iPhone or Android. And what’s even better is that once you’ve set it the way you like it; the fan can take it from there. You’ll only need your phone to make minor adjustments to the program.

It can be controlled with your voice
Through Amazon’s Alexa assistant, you can use your voice to manipulate your fan. Not only does the keep you from searching for the remote or fumbling with wall switches, you don’t even need to find your phone. With Alexa, you can turn your fan on or off, set its speed and turn it up or down. And with Alexa built into the new ecobee4 you can even adjust your Haiku with your thermostat.

To learn more about Haiku Home products visit or experience a Haiku fan in action at our store in Seal Beach.  Also, be on the look out for a more in depth review of Haiku fans from our test lab over the next few weeks!

Full Disclaimer: mac-fusion has partnered with Haiku but does not directly sell them as of yet. The above links are affiliate links.