Data loss affects businesses of all sizes and it is important that every business is prepared in the event that a critical system fails, potentially leading to data loss. There are a few simple proactive steps that any business can take to keep themselves safe from the potential effects of data loss and mitigate risk. Here are four things that every business should know about data recovery and data loss:

1. Data can not always be recovered. Backing up your data is extremely important. 

Whether or not data is recoverable depends entirely upon how it was lost to begin with. In many cases, at least a portion of the data will be able to be recovered but it is never a good idea to depend on data recovery rather than having the right systems in place to mitigate risk. Hard drive failures only account for a small portion of lost data for small and large businesses alike.

2. More than 70% of businesses go under after a data catastrophe. 

According to Nexxtep, 7 out of 10 businesses that experience major data loss will be out of business within a year. Many businesses underestimate how important their data is to their daily operations and as a result underestimate the huge effect that catastrophic data loss would have on their business. Data recovery can be difficult and is not always possible following data loss.

3. Just because you have a backup system in place doesn’t mean that you are safe from data loss. 

Did you know that human error is the leading reason for both data loss and security breaches? Often times data loss happens when an employee accidentally deletes data that has not been properly backed up by the systems that you have in place. It is important to remember that we are all human and mistakes happen, but take steps to mitigate the risk of data loss caused by human error.

4. All companies should have a data recovery plan in place, even if they have never experienced data loss previously. 

Even if your company has never suffered from data loss previously, it is incredibly important that you have a proactive plan in place. This plan starts with ensuring that you have the proper systems in place to mitigate risk and includes working with a data loss service provider to keep your company safe.

If you would like help putting together an excellent data loss prevention plan for your business, please contact us today to speak with our data loss experts. We’ll help you put together a plan that keeps your business safe.