FusionCare is a suite of three services designed to not only protect your Mac but to also prevent or at least minimize unexpected downtime. If something does happen, FusionCare is designed to get you back up on your feet quickly. Choose one or choose them all, it’s up to you on how much protection you want.

FusionCare menu of options (click the blue links for more information on each):
FusionCare: Accidental Damage powered by Safeware $99 for 3 years*
FusionCare: Backup powered by Backblaze $50 a year***
FusionCare: Monitoring FREE ($99 value)

FusionCare Premium $249 (all three FusionCare options and must be purchased with AppleCare)- You are covered for Accidental damage, manufacturers defects and remote backup for three years. The extra bonus is you get mac-fusion as your own personal IT department as we will be notified of any trouble or potential trouble. We’ve got your back. In addition to all of this if you should get into a pinch we will give you $50 off front of the line service and $100 off on a loaner if you need it. We feel that if you are doing all you can to protect your Mac, why shouldn’t we help you out if you get in a jam?

*Accidental damage coverage is a service of SafeWare, repairs will be provided by mac-fusion or any SafeWare authorized provider. There is a $250 deductible for any accidental damage claims. AppleCare must be purchased in conjunction with Accidental Damage Coverage.

**Loaner machines subject to availability at the time of service.

***Backup powered by Backblaze is a year to year option and can be extended as long as you want it.

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