Apple $29 iPhone Battery Program FAQs:

We are able to perform a same-day replacement for the battery in your iPhone at the $29 pricing tier as long as your device is out-of-warranty and an iPhone 6 or newer. Turnaround time may vary but is generally not longer than 2-3 hours. Please do ensure that you make an appointment via Apple’s Support website as we will not be able to accommodate your repair unless an appointment is made. support.apple.com


Q. Can you check if you have the battery in stock?
A. We are unable to check stock prior to appointment time. We are seeing 50+ appointments a day and normally do not know what model is being checked in ahead of time. We will however be placing absolute shortages below and will update as they become available or we run our of stock.

iPhone 6 battery is out of stock. Expected availability February.
iPhone 6 Plus battery out of stock. Expected availability in March or April.

Q. Can you test my battery to see if it’s failing.
A. We run this test at the time of your appointment. If you would like to know the status prior to your appointment please call Apple at 1-800-275-2273 and they can run the battery test remotely. If your battery capacity is above 90% you might want to wait until later this year to claim you one time discounted $29 battery. If you are actually experiencing issues we would recommend coming in sooner if possible.

Q. Can you put me on a waiting list for when my battery will be back in stock?
A. At this time we do not have a waiting list but we will be sending out emails for when shortages become available again. To get put on this email list please sign up here: iPhone Battery Program Updates

Q. I’ve been trying to make an appointment at apple.com/support but don’t see any times available, can you just make an appointment for me?
A. Unfortunately this means we are booked at capacity for several weeks out and you will need to try back later. We are unable to make appointments on your behalf currently.

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