In the design industry, you need terabytes of storage and you need access to it around the clock. Creative energy is your lifeblood.

To achieve and maintain the competitive edge, you can’t afford to spend that essential energy on day to day IT necessities. On the other hand, downtime for your workstations or servers means lost productivity or worse, lost accounts. mac-fusion can provide you with an outsourced IT infrastructure to supplement existing internal support or free your creatives from the distraction of fixing their own machines. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best.

But you shouldn’t limit yourself to a company that’s only well versed in the technology behind what makes a design firm successful. Partner with mac-fusion because we know what makes your industry tick. We have years of experience working not only with, but in design firms. Our partner list reads like a who’s who: Apple, Adobe, Quark, Extensis, HP, QLogic. You name it; we’ve got you covered. Because at mac-fusion, it’s laid out like that.

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